Celebration's Hometown Drugstore
Our full service pharmacy is open 7 days a
week to serve our customers. We can fill
your prescriptions efficiently and  accurately.
Most of all, we will fill your prescriptions while
you wait. Our friendly pharmacist is always
here to advise you or to answer any questions
you might have regarding your medications
or the health of you and your family. Stop in
today and see why we are the fastest growing
independent pharmacy in the area. We feel
you will not be disappointed.
As we age, our bodies change, including a
slowing of hormone production in both sexes.
These hormonal shifts can result in physical
and emotional changes that may noticeably
affect our quality of life. Woman’s bodies
experience regular hormonal fluctuations
during monthly cycles and throughout the
various stages of female reproductive aging.
In men, the process known as andropause
is responsible for the hormonal changes
that decline as men age.
Free home delivery for prescription medication
is available 7 days a week to Celebration.
Simply place your order through RefillRx or
over the phone and one of our friendly delivery
drivers will deliver your medication to your
door. Delivery of non-prescription items is also
available for a small delivery fee. Payment
arrangement must be made in advance. Call
(407) 566-9060 or click the link below for
more details.
Through our partnership with Rx30 and
ReflllRx, refills have never been easier! You
can refill your prescription from your home
computer and even from your mobile device.
Refill requests are received directly in our
pharmacy and processed immediately to save
you precious time. All refill requests through
RefillRx are safe and secure and your privacy
is guaranteed. Try it today and see just how
quick and easy it is to save time and money.
At Turner Drugs Celebration, we carry many
mobility items such as wheelchairs, crutches,
canes, walkers, rollators, nebulizers and
accessories, bathroom aids and much more.
We can obtain many hard to find items, as
well. Call today for more information.
Turner Drugs Celebration
1530 Celebration Blvd Suite 105
Celebration, Florida 34747
(407) 566-9060, (407) 566-9995-fax
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We carry a full line of vitamins and supplements
featuring Sundown Naturals quality products.
The highest quality nutritional supplements
with the best value to our customers.
1530 Celebration Blvd
Celebration, FL 34747
(407) 566-9060
(407) 566-9995-fax